Blogging via e-mail

Blogging via e-mail

I do like this ability to e-mail blog entries. It makes it so much easier than logging in when you have a thought and just want to blog it before you forget. It also makes it more likely that people like me will keep a log going (I hope)

I know the idea is that you can do it when mobile but at the moment I am using it from my office desktop.

OK Dare and the rest of the MSN Spaces team (although they probably won’t read this so I’ll probably comment on their blogs) On my wish list is the ability to set up more than one e-mail that I can update from. If I could set up 3 (home, work and mobile) it would be great.

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1 Response to Blogging via e-mail

  1. Dare says:

    We\’ve gotten this request a couple of times and it is on the list.

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