Merry Christmas (or peace if Xmas is not your thing)

Well that’s it – finished work on Christmas Eve – no fanfair this year as it was almost like a normal Friday.

Still no snow – but on the bright side if it doesn’t snow tomorrow I get to have all the family round – snow might prevent Georgina (eldest daughter), James (her other half) and Sam (my Grandson) from coming over. As the song goes; always look on the bright side of life; it’s much more fun.


Problem of the day: Why doesn’t my new ‘Training’ web application connect to the database?


After a couple of hours checking everything, connection strings, permissions, etc. I found the problem; I had mistyped ‘Traning’ when I named the database. It’s a case of the eye wiill see what the brain expects to see.


Oh Well! Merry Christmas everyone….

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