The delights of TV

Is anyone else a bit fed up with the rubbish that’s getting screened at the moment. The current craze of ‘reality’ shows is a prime example. I don’t know about anybody else but I watch TV as a means of escape from the reality of life and I do not get pleasure from seeing other peoples mishaps, stupidity or moronic behaviour.  Who on earth would want to appear on a show looking for the dirtiest house in the country?


I did have a bit of a laugh, albeit along side the thought of another night of rubbish on TV so I can read a bit more of my book, when I saw that showing on BBC4 at 20:00 tonight (isn’t that supposed to be prime time?) is the wonderfully titled ‘The Natural History of the Chicken’ – you know it would be nice if someone commented to this blog, telling me that it actually had an audience.

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3 Responses to The delights of TV

  1. Christine says:

    Yeah, you have 1 reader!I must say I do like reality TV shows, I cant help it! But recently I havent watched TV at all, I am always working nights so I dont see anything and it has made me realise that TV is pretty pointless, I might even throw mine away lol! Happy new year x x

  2. Alan says:

    wow – I have a non family reader.I gave up working nights some time ago but I remember what it was like..I\’ll stick to days, nearly said 9-5 but I can\’t remember the last time I did that either.

  3. Steph says:

    Bloody hell reality shows do my absolute nut…..Was ok for 5 minutes but really do start to go stale.O well have a fab new year out there. Love always xxx

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