Petrol Price below 80p…About Time

Petrol Price below 80p…About Time

It’s nice to see the price of fuel below 80p a litre again. I filled up yesterday at 78.9p.
As an aside has anyone ever put in a multiple of a litre and questioned the bill when it is rounded?

When you see the price drop 5p in a go it makes you wonder how much profit the companies were making, although we know in the UK most of the price goes to the government.

It makes me a bit angry every time I go across to France and see that they pay around the same figure as us, only in Euros which translates at around 75% of the cost.

And in case any of our American cousins read this
 1 gallon = 3.79 litre
Which works out at about $5.50 per gallon – makes your $2 gallon look cheap doesn’t it.

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