Sometimes you feel inadequate

I like programming – some would call me an anorak or a geek – I read the documentation in the same way some people read novels (yes I know I am sad) but sometimes I just can’t figure it out and nothing I do seems to give any insight.


What I want to do is use Server.Execute (sorry non techies) to open a web form and return a date selected from a calendar on that form – which is exactly what this command is supposed to do.

Will it work – no it will not and so far I haven’t been able to work out why. It just fails to load the new web form.

(just in case a techie reads this, using Server.Transfer with the same URL does work but of course I do not have the benefit of the built in StringWriter support)

OK not all doom and gloom – I did it in the end by using scripts but that defeats the objective in a way, being that I am trying to work without them.


I’ll just have to try, try again….

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