New Venture – Any one interested in coding?

I have been a computer programmer for quite some time now, first doing some Basic and assembly coding for the 6502 processor (the trusty BBC which I dig out every now and again), then on to DOS in the ‘good old days’ of the 286, and finally on to Windows.

Whilst I took time to learn about Web programming I have never done any meaningful development as it seems my career has always kept me in the rich client world of the Windows desktop.

Last week, all that changed when I threw myself in the deep end and took over a web based applicaion when a  colleague moved to a new team.

I guess I must have been getting stale as I haven’t had so much fun for ages – all that stuff I tought myself to pass my MCSD exams is comming back and making a lot more sense in some areas.

Basically we have a Time Off intranet based application that in its current form, displays an individuals periods of absence from work – vacation, courses, sick, working away from work, etc. There is also a page which shows who is out of the office on any particular day.

I am making a few changes to the system to allow request/autherisation of absence, line managers to view their teams,web based administration of the system and a quick notification form – i.e. someone rings in sick, whoever takes the call fills in a form and the system automatically informs line managers and Admin.

The first problem is to redesign the system – whilst it mostly allows expansion, there are a few of the new requirements that need some changes to the schema.

Part of me wants to write a running commentary on how its going but then I think – who’s going to read it –

any budding C# or developers out there that would be interested in some ‘How To’ examples posted here?


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