Off to the Sun

It is our habit to go and get a bit of winter sun this time of the year so last Saturday, Mary and I got up in the early hours and headed for Luton Airport – Alison (daughter) providing the transport.

Several hours later we touched down in Malaga, the wind was a bit cool but the sun was shining – we reached our accommodation and I was sitting on the sea view balcony soaking up the rays by 14:00.

It rained that night, and right through to Tuesday. The weather wasn’t much better the rest of the week, including one point were we were in a blizzard – yup that’s what I said, SNOW.

Still, we didn’t let that stop us from enjoying ourselves – we had a great time visiting Brian and Jen, who showed us their country home, and on a two day visit to Gibraltar.

While we were in Gibraltar Mary made her first visit to a casino – I got off lightly coming away £20 down on the night having spent around three hours at the wheel and slot machines.

I have posted the first batch of photos here – more to come once they are developed.

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