Here I go again – one of my periodic rants about drivers who do not think.

It was foggy this morning – visibility varying between 50 and 200 yards.

Now I am all for using fog lights in such conditions, the highway code recommends their use when visibility is less than 100 meters. but come on drivers, think about it.


The reason you put them on is to ensure you are seen as early as possible by drivers approaching from the rear – to avoid the rear end collisions that were so prominent before fog lights became the norm.


Did you know that they can have the opposite effect and cause collisions as well – they have the effect of mesmerising drivers and hiding the break lights such that a following driver can miss the signal and plough straight into you.


What is the point of keeping the fog lights on when you are in a slow moving queue of traffic. Why not turn them off until you are on the open road with nothing visible behind you so they can do their job.


And of course you can bet there will be a number of drivers who forget to turn them off so we will be forced to endure them tonight even if its totally clear.

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  1. Mike says:

    Hi – just been pointed to your site by my brother – I too am a developer – I\’m a c# developer from a vb 6 background, and I LURVE web services. To be fair i also love the managed environment.I also started IT in 1984, with a crappy old Dragon 32 – I was 8 then, and i remember it vividly – it was my dad\’s computer and I still have it upstairs in the loft i think ;)Have loads of fun with c# – I certainly haveMike Hingley

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