Time Warp

Talking of Dr Who – anybody out there know why we continue to go through a time zone change twice a year? I guess it was for a good reason when it was introduced but do we still need it?

It is a right pain having to go around changing all the clocks (thank heavens computers do it automagically) and it takes ages for my body clock to get into synch.

Just as I was getting used to driving in the light I have to put the lights on again on the way to work.

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1 Response to Time Warp

  1. Unknown says:

    stumbled by your blog. great read. I have been hearing nothing but good things about the new doctor who. I cant wait to get back to blighty and see it. yeah changing clocks is a nightmare. but at the moment its kind of been paying off because i forgot to put my clocks forward and have been getting to work an hour before everyone else šŸ™‚

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