Technology helps out – or not as the case may be

If any readers have checked out the ‘About Us’ page on my web site they will know that the wider family is pretty spread out. As the computer ‘wizz’ of the family from time to time I get calls for help from my brothers, 3 issues in the last month.

In the past I have had to spend time on the phone trying to understand what the problem is and having to rely on voice feedback to my ‘can you do this’ style diagnostics, which is difficult even when, as in my families case, the person you are talking to is reasonably competent.

That’s why I was ecstatic when they upgraded to Windows XP and broadband. Now all I have to do is set up a remote assistance call, log on and can see what is going on first hand.

Unless of course the problem is the Internet connection, hard drive failure, etc., when its back to the old ways. Now if someone could solve that problem……… 

Oh yeah, BTW, two days to go…

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