Good customer service lost a sale

Mary decided it was time to get a new cross-cut shredder to ensure our private information stays that way so it was off to the new Staples at the Kempston Retail Park.

Looking through their display we saw the ‘ideal’ model at £39.99 but there were none on the shelf underneath.

Finding a member of staff I asked if they had any in stock, getting the reply ‘If there is none on the shelf we haven’t got any’ (actually that sounds a bit terse and is out of context as she was very polite) so I asked when they would be getting any in. I was quite surprised to be told that she didn’t know – they get a delivery every day but do not know what is on the truck until it arrives, often with items they have plenty of. Now here’s me thinking that this is the age of just in time stock control – I thought about writing and asking if they wanted one built for them.

Feeling a bit sarcastic at this point I asked if she knew who else might sell the model – again being very helpful she suggested Argus (a couple of doors down) sure enough they had 39 in stock at the same price.

Staples – 10/10 for customer service but you lost a sale (unless Argus is owned by the same company)

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