It’s been a long time

It’s funny how time flies – I didn’t realise that the last time I posted was at the New Year.
Anyway I’m here now so by way of an update:-
Mary and I went down to Spain for a few days at the begining of April – we had a great villa (I’ll put some pictures up on my web site when I get time) the weather was just right, around 20 C, although the water in the pool was a bit on the cold side – OK to jump in to cool off but you wouldn’t want to stay in more than a minute.
The second week of our holiday was spent on the front garden and decorating the living and dinning rooms.
The garden was hard work but not as hard as it would have been if Alison and John (No 2 daughter and No1 son) hadn’t been there to help – even better they had cleared the old turf while we were in Spain. It now looks like a garden instead of a medow.
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