Holiday Over – time to find a job


Hi All,

we’re back from sunny Las Vegas (105F/40.5C) – It was fun seeing the casino’s but very overrated – once you have seen one room (about the size of a football field) full of slot machines you have seen them all, and it didn’t help that we lost most of the time.

The lights are a good attraction but not really our thing and we found it a bit boring after the first three days, which is when we got into the car and went out into the country – now that is a different matter; natures architecture at its best;

Grand Canyon – fantastic, gobsmacked, truly one of the best pieces of scenery I have ever seen – the pictures and films just to not match up to seeing it first hand.

Valley of Fire – another truly amazing piece of scenery with vivid red colouring

Hoover Dam – OK this one is man made but a fantastic piece of engineering

Even just driving along gave us some major ‘wow’ views.

I’ll be posting some of the photos on our web site later today.

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