I am learning to fly

I said last week when I came back from my flight experience in the Tiger Moth that I wanted to do more, well I have decided to go for it – I booked in for a 10 hour Piloting Skills Certificate to give me a better idea if I want to go for the full Private Pilots Licence. – The 10 hours count towards the PPL if I go on.
I took my first lesson yesterday (22/06/06) flying a Robin HR200/120b.

I did  the checklist with the instructor, Frank McClurg, followed by a little bit of taxiing.

 Frank then took off and up to 3000ft and we started basic control work; Frank demonstrated the effects of adjusting a control, Elevators, Ailerons’, Rudder, power, with me ghosting the controls and then carrying out the manoeuvre – an hour of hard concentration but I really enjoyed it. So much so that I booked my next lesson for today.

In at the deep end today – sent to the aeroplane to carry out the pre-flight checks – then carried out all  of the pre-takeoff check list and did all the taxiing. I was expecting to hand over control as we got to the start of the runway but no, Frank just kept talking to me, telling me what to do, and the next thing I know I have taken off – a bit nerve racking as there is a tree line at the end of the runway and I was sure I was not going to make it until I saw the trees pass under us with lots of room to spare.

Then it was practicing climbing, straight and level flight and descending – again lots to think about. The hour went past so fast I was surprised when Frank said it was time to head back. I did the turns and decent whilst we were heading back – lots to think about as there were gliders in the vicinity.

Again Frank just kept coaxing me and the next thing I know I am turning on to the approach for landing and then bringing it down non too gracefully but I did land it. I have to say I really enjoyed the experience and am looking forward to my next lesson next Wednesday.

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