Today’s flight

Much better today – I felt much more comfortable and confident, once the take off was done.  Whilst there were a lot more clouds around today, and some rain, it was much cooler than last time and so much smoother.

We finished the stall training and then got in a start on the circuit with a landing – as we were getting close to the end of the period I was ready to turn off the runway when Frank took control and took off again – we did a tighter than normal circuit and then back in for a final landing. Obviously early days yet but I certainly need more practice on getting the aeroplane back on the ground. By the time I finished today I was feeling much more confident that the last time.

Next time up, which will not be until next Saturday, we will be continuing the circuit training followed, the next week, by a double session doing some basic navigation and an away landing, possibly up to Lincoln.

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