Course Complete

That’s it – the 10 hour course has been completed, finishing off with an hour of circuit training. The wind was a bit gusty and we were bouncing around a bit, but not excessively so – it seemed as though every thing we did was accelerated – last time up we were climbing slowly such that we were around 400 ft by the time we reached the turn on to the crosswind leg and didn’t reach the circuit altitude of 800 ft until we were almost ready to turn on to the downwind leg – today we were at 800 ft by the time we were turning crosswind; and the turns were much quicker as well. Anyway I got some more experience of landings in different conditions, including having to abort and go around on two occasions. All in all a good day.

Seriously though I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to see what it is like to fly without committing to the full course – if you decide to go on it counts towards the required hours.

As for me – I need to save up as I will be going on to the full course – so watch this space.

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