Don’t you just love policies – a load of tosh

I have been having a problem with the AC adaptor for my Tablet PC in that it intermittently drops the connection pushing me on to battery power. I know it is the adaptor rather than the computer power socket because I ‘borrowed’ the adaptor from my docking station and that works OK, as does my in-car adaptor.

So I rang up the help line to get a replacement – explained the issue and the guy understood what was needed, I heard his keyboard tapping away as he entered details and then it came to giving the make – ‘Toshiba’ says I; ‘Oh’ says he – it seems Toshiba have a policy that any issue on one of their machines requires that the whole machine be returned.

He was very apologetic but I still have to lose my machine for about 7 days, dependent on the availability of spare parts, if I want the AC Adaptor changed.

It’s being picked up Monday but I am not best pleased

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