Government Driving Charges


Probably not news but this Government wants to charge us by the mile in an effort to reduce congestion. Whilst I have nothing against the idea of reducing congestion I really do not see how this will help – people have to get to work. I live 54 miles away from where I work; why? because I could not find a job locally – OK I’ll correct that I could not find a job in my line of business at a decent salary closer.


So why not use public transport – to do so I would have to get a bus down to the railway station (15 minutes; which means walking to the bus stop in whatever weather conditions; 5 minutes) get a train down into London (45 minutes) subway (10 minutes) another train out to the closest station to where I work (45 minutes) bus as close as I can get (30 minutes) walk to work (10 minutes) Close on 3 hours without taking into account any waiting time and assuming I can get transport early enough to get to work on time.

So in any one day I have around 6 hours sitting(assuming I can get a seat) in crowded public transport – !!!!


Yes I am all for reducing congestion but I need to work and I do not want to be penalised for doing it – Not that anybody with the clout to do something reads this but those few who do – if you have not already done so please add your name to the petition on the Downing Streat web site –  Apologies to anyone not from GB – you have to live in the UK to add your name.


PS – If anyone within 20 miles of Bedford needs a software development or project manager please leave a note and I’ll get back to you

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