An expensive trip

I am having a really expensive trip – I needed to be at a client site 3 days in a row so, rather than spend 3 hours per day on the road I decided to stay at a hotel in the area; mainly because I hate driving during the so-called ‘rush hour’ but also because it meant I could spend more time on site.
So Tuesday night I parked up in the Hotel front car park – I am in Heyes, Middlesex and the area is not so clean so I was pleased to see a CCTV camara overlooking the carpark – also nice to see a Police Mobile CCTV unit parked up doing their thing.
I put my SatNav(a top of the range TomTom – expensive) in the glove box whilst I went and checked in – later I went for a walk and on the way back decided I would take the SatNav up to my room but I didn’t have the keys with me – anyway I got a call from Mary and then went for something to eat forgetting about it.
Next morning I got to the car to find the passenger window smashed and the TomTom gone along with its mounting bracket.
I have a few meetings in different locations and I am not sure how to get there – when you have SatNav you don’t tend to look at a map beforehand; and over the two years I have had the device; I recon it has paid for itself in diverting me round traffic holdups and telling me where the camera’s are – I need my TomTom so had to get a new one.
So – Fuel = £50 + Room for two nights = £201 + Window (insurance excess) = £50 + TomTom = £350
The insurence company tell me they will give me £150 for the one stolen which I suppose is better than nothing
Reported it to the Police – good old Met; someone would be in touch they said – SOCO would be round they said – I’m still waiting
The only good point is that the TomTom is priced at £399 but Halfords are doing it for £349 at the moment
OK – why the most expensive model I hear you ask;
Well – it comes with maps covering the whole of Europe and North America – it works with my Phone to give me hands free – it has a lot of extra’s like voice activated commands, live traffic and safety camera updates – and, most important of all, I love boys toys and I needed something to chear me up 8¬)
Let’s hope the rest of the trip is uneventful
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