A fantastic holiday and free Wi-Fi

Just returned from a(nother) fantastic holiday in Orlando, Florida. the first few days were a bit chilly with night time temperatures below 0; it was amusing seeing the locals all wrapped up while we were walking around in short sleeves during the day.

We decided to leave the theme parks this year and just take a look around which led us to do two things I can highly recommend;
1. Take an Airboat ride. we went to Boggy Creek and went on the private tour with our guide, Andy.
2. Take a drive along Daytona Beach; miles of sand with the sea on one side and shore front apartments on the other.

Being a bit of a computer nerd I like to take my laptop with me on holiday – only to enable us to check-in online for the return flight you understand, although I do succumb and check my e-mail and Facebook; and that brings me to the subject of Wi-fi. In the UK if you want to use the Internet from the airport, most coffee shops or a hotel you generally have to pay somewhere in the region of £5.50 an hour which is, in my opinion, a rip-off considering the price of providing it; I only pay £5 a month for my Virgin Mobile data connection.
Over the water in the USA wi-fi is free just about everywhere; the resort we stay at, the airport, Starbucks, even the book shop, all provide free wi-fi and the only thing you have to do is click to acknowledge that you will conform to the providers terms and conditions.

Oh well back to work

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