An update on my previous post – I am now fully recovered from my Op and, thankfully, have stopped choking on the lump. I got a phone call from the Consultant updating me on the biopsy results, which are all clear. He then went on to tell me that he had never seen a cist that big in that area of the throat before; my fault really – if I had gone to the doctors when I should have it wouldn’t have been so big. I am one of the ‘hero’ types who keeps working and will not go to the doctors unless dying; the truth is I am a bit of a coward and won’t go to the doctors in case he tells me something I don’t want to know 8¬(

Mary appears to be on the mend as well although we have to go back in two weeks time for a monitor to be fitted over a 24 hour period; hopefully that should tell us what went wrong.

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