Frankie & Benny’s – High Wycome

The staff at this restaurant deserve a lot of praise; I was away from home on Tuesday (3/8) night and decided to have dinner there. I placed my order of potato skins as a starter, followed by Steak and Chips with a large glass of wine to wash it down.

About half an hour later the waitress came over having realised I had not had my starter yet; she apologised and went to chase it. A few minutes later the manager came over and explained there was a glitch in the system that meant my order had not gone through to the kitchen.

I then experienced the kind of experience you get in a Michelin or 5 star restaurant and the food was perfect. Now I have always found the Frankie & Benny’s staff to be friendly and cheerful but these guys went out of their way to apologise; and on top of that they set aside the cheque. No Charge; I left a £5 tip though.

Only problem is I went on their web site to say thanks – unfortunately there was nowhere to do it so I am praising them here.

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