Good Morning 2013.

A new year; a new job:- next Monday (7th) I start work for Ashton Court; doing pretty much what I have been doing for the last four years but for someone else and with the advantage of a regular income. Nerd smile

A thought: it is just as well there isn’t  13 months in the year; can you imagine what the doomsayers would make of 13/13/13, particularly if it happened to fall on a Friday Confused smile

We already have the mid February close encounter with asteroid 2012 DA14, which is forecast to pass us at 1/10th of the distance to the moon; then, later in the year, comet Ison is due to arrive and be brighter than the full moon. (Warning: The asteroid link is to a NASA site and not for the faint hearted. Sick smile)

Ah well; here’s wishing you all a very happy and prosperous New Year Party smile Hopefully we will still be here to see 2014.

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