Windows 8.1 Preview is available


This pretty little fish is on the screen whilst I install the latest from Microsoft;

Windows 8.1 is an update to Windows 8 (what else), due for release sometime around October this year. Click this link if you want to try it yourself; BUT BE WARNED Angry smile: You cannot upgrade from the preview to the release version so you will be doing a clean install of your system in October. For this first release I am running it on a Virtual Machine which I can just scrap although I might decide to install it on my laptop later: it could do with a clear down anyway.

As with Windows 8, I’ll post some details as I go along but for now:


Yes, there it is for those who have been moaning about the loss of the Start Button!! but don’t smile too quickly; all it does is take you back to the Start Screen which you could do with the Windows key or swiping in from the left side on a touch screen.

Right clicking on it brings up the, albeit enhanced, context menu.

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