Windows 8.1 Changes

Now here is a change I really like:

In the control panel image has become imagewhich opens up the task bar properties; as in earlier versions you can also get to these by right clicking on the Taskbar and selecting Properties.


In addition to the current Taskbar, Jump List and Toolbars tabs we now have a Navigation tab which allows you to turn off some of the Windows 8 features, or rather make it harder to get to them if you don’t know the keyboard shortcuts; why you would want to I don’t know.

The first improvement is for Techies giving us the option, on by default, to open PowerShell instead of the Command prompt from the context menu.

For the professional or business computer there is the option to go straight to the desktop on start-up. When I first started using Windows 8 the first thing I did was to hit the Desktop Tile, simply because that was where I was used to working. Now I use a combination of both modes and I like the way I get interaction on the Start screen, so this is one option that will remain off.

I have always thought it wrong that I cannot use a picture as a background to the Start screen, being forced to use one of the provided designs; well now I can, albeit it’s my Desktop background; but that’s OK as I have a set of NASA pictures that change daily.


The Apps view now has a cleaner look and you can sort it by Name (the default), date installed, most used and category making it much more useful.

The Navigation tab has an option to show Desktop apps first when the Apps view is sorted by category.

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