65 Years Ago Today

I was born on the day the NHS went live in the UK; Mum said I was a freebee.

Today I officially become a Cyber Senior on reaching my 65th birthday.

To celebrate this event I have launched the Cyber Seniors website and this, the Cyber Senior blog; although it has been running for a few months now as I couldn’t resist posting to it. This endeavour is in an attempt to show certain people that the over 60’s don’t suddenly lose their faculties.

I can assure you that I can still do the following:

  • Turn on a computer; or rather log in as my machines are rarely turned off;
  • Browse the Internet without getting lost;
  • Fix issues on other peoples computers by connecting remotely which I have done at least 5 times in the last 6 weeks;
  • Write computer programs with a fair degree of expertise using the latest tools;
  • Use my Windows Phone to make and receive calls, texts and e-mails, although I have to admit text and e-mails are made possible by the presence of a QWERTY keypad as I never got to grips with the old phone keys;
  • Work the controls on the Smart TV and Blu-ray player even though they are new enough to support 3D – not sure we will use that functionality as it is a bit weird wearing 3D glasses on top of the normal ones but it came with the box;
  • Drive my car and ride my motorcycle without having people behind me getting irate because of my speed; except I guess in a built up area where I refuse to go above the speed restriction, but then I usually leave those idiots behind once I get to a derestricted (sorry; National Speed Limit Applies) area

Now that I have become a Senior Citizen (what used to be called an Old Age Pensioner before PC meant political correctness) I look forward to getting money out of the government instead of paying it in; even though for the time being I will continue to pay more tax than I will get in State Pension.

I have said before that it is my ambition to get stopped by the police doing 100+MPH down the local dual carriageway on my motorbike on my 90th birthday. I have just decided on a second ambition: to live long enough to get back all the tax I have paid via the pension payments; call me selfish but, what the heck…

Anyway; Happy Birthday to the NHS and anyone else who shares a birthday today.

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