Visit to Arnhem

I have just spent the (long) weekend with a bunch of lads that, in most cases, I hadn’t seen for over 35 years. It certainly brought back memories and was a lot of fun.

Of course there was a serious side to the weekend; remembering the fallen of Operation Market Garden which took place 17th – 26th September 1944; the subject of the film ‘A Bridge Too Far’

WP_20150919_17_43_37_Pro__highresAt the Engineers Monument Driel; the place where they got the Airborne survivors out across the Neder-Rijn



Airborne Square Memorial on the north side of John Frost Bridge, Arnhem.



WP_20150920_12_03_30_Pro__highresThe Main Remembrance Ceremony at Oosterbeek




WP_20150920_12_03_42_Pro__highresThe children of Arnhem and surroundings laying flowers at the graves of the fallen.

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