Lock Down

The Boss (AKA The Wife) is in the ‘At Risk’ category so we are in Lock Down; technically She is in lock down and I’m allowed to go out for a walk or get some shopping, being just in the over 70 category. However, in my mind, that is just asking for trouble, so we will both adhere to the more stringent measures.

We were supposed to fly out to the USA for a two month holiday (a month RV trip then a month in Kissimmee) on Tuesday 17th March; the USA closed it’s borders at Midnight EST on Monday 16th. Very disappointing but, in hindsight, very lucky as we would have been stuck in Las Vegas with everything shut down.

We had emptied the larder, fridge and freezer for the holiday so it was a bit of a nightmare getting provisions because of the idiots panic buying; I blame the media, in part; you blast out a ‘Supermarket shelves empty as people panic buy’ along side a, in some cases, made up photo and people, who should know better, will start rushing to the shops to stock up, thereby exasperating the issue.

Still, we managed to get a delivery slot from ASDA and were able to get most of our normal shopping, except milk and bread. We are lucky enough to have kids, who worry about us the way we worried about them when they were young, who supplied us with the basics.

Wow; I’ve just written an article for this blog that doesn’t just read ‘”I’m still here”.

Hopefully I’ll do a few more and we will get out the far side of this.

Take care out there.

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