After two and a half months of lockdown we are told that we can now go out for a walk provided we maintain social distancing; those who have read my earlier posts will know that the boss is in the ‘At Risk’ category so neither of us has been out of the house, except for a naughty 5 minute drive up the road and back to give the car a little exercise.

So we put on our outdoor clothes and off we went for a walk around the block. Mary yelled out ‘I’m free; I’ve been released from prison’ when we saw a man and child walking a dog; for some reason he gave us a funny look.

I also took the opportunity to take the bike for a run out for a short ride. For one reason or another I haven’t been out on it since before Christmas, so I wrote this Facebook post when I got back; “Just took the old girl for a ride after changing her battery; first time for quite a few months. It reminded me just why I keep her around even though she is getting a bit old – I had a smile on my face all the way ”; Got a few strange comments about that one.

Anyway, on a slightly more serious note, I’m not so sure we are ready to face the wider world yet; there are too many idiots out there taking any excuse to gather on beaches and open spaces and, judging from the photos, ignoring the rules. The ‘me, me’ society is still alive and, in this case, risking spreading the virus in a second wave.

I read one of the stupidest articles going in the Independent (no I don’t normally read it but this article was in my online news feed) it suggested that the quarantine imposed on travellers coming in to the country was not necessary and, here’s the funny bit, that the best way to cut the infection rate in the UK was to allow everyone to go abroad on holiday, and to allow those from countries, where the infection rate had dropped, to come here on holiday. I’m not sure that the other countries would like adding our infections to their totals. I’d like to think the author was trying to be funny but it’s the Independent so s/he was probably serious

Take care out there – it isn’t over yet

Oh and I’d like to welcome ‘eisev’ who, apparently, has started following this blog. As far as I know you are the only follower I have, since the last person got bored and left. Enjoy!! – correction – Just looked and I also have another, ‘whughson’ so you are joining an elite audience.

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