Common Sense Is Not So Common

I really do not believe the mentality of some people; There was an article in the News (Daily Mirror I think) with a lady saying, along the lines of, ‘I was forced to leave my husband and two children behind in France so I wouldn’t have to isolate for 14 days’, along with stories of chaos as holiday makers rush to beat the deadline to avoid the 14 day quarantine imposed on returning from France as of 04:00 Saturday 15th August. 

I know it is important for, most, people to work to earn a living, but what has happened to logical, sensible and common sense thinking?

The reason for the quarantine is to prevent the spread of the Corvid-19 virus from a country that is showing signs of a resurgence of transmissions.

The lady who was ‘forced’ to leave her children in France is prioritising her job over her children – WHY? and 100,000 people, according to the papers, were cutting short holidays to avoid having to quarantine – again WHY?

If any of those people were exposed to the virus, they are now a danger to their families, friends, co-workers  and anyone else they come in to contact with – and all because they didn’t want to go in to lockdown for a couple of days.

Now they are not, of course, to blame for doing this because they believe it is the fault of the Government for imposing the restriction shortly after they were told they could go on holiday; and the Government is always to blame.

They are making the same arguments as those affected when Spain was taken off the safe list a couple of weeks ago – to them it is irrelevant that the Government was proved right as Spain’s infection numbers have overtaken those in the UK .

As it happens, in this particular case I agree that the Government is to blame – not because they imposed the quarantine – but because they didn’t do it with immediate effect.

On the whole I think the Government has handled the pandemic as well as anybody could, given the limited knowledge in the early stages. In large they seem to have learnt from mistakes made, but they still seem reticent to act decisively once the evidence is strong enough to make a decision.

As I have said before, hindsight is always 20-20; they are dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t; but the economy – and therefore job security – isn’t going to improve if we get hit by a second wave which, history tells us, is generally worse than the first outbreak.

Stay Safe Folks

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