The Way Forward is to go Backwards

It was predictable; there we were nicely pushing down the R rate but still looking at between 500 – 600 new virus cases a day – the government decides to loosen up on the rains and let us mere mortals loose – it wasn’t too long before the parties were in full swing and Corvid infections were on the rise again – clearly illustrated in this chart for the UK.

Copied from the Bing Coronavirus trend in United kingdom page today (08/10/2020)

Cases have doubled (roughly) each week for the last three – That big spike on the right is were they found a bunch of tests that hadn’t been moved to the correct place so that they showed up in these statistics.

It looks to me that the politicians are scared stiff about the effect on the economy (i.e. business leaders have loud voices and it was hitting them hard) and they’re scared stiff about the outcome from the virus when it really gets out of control – you can almost see them freezing in the headlights.

I think history will tell the survivors that lifting the lookdown too early cost industry and the country more than it would had the government held it’s nerve a bit longer.

Stay Safe Folks

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