Wishing You All a Happy and Prosperous New Year

Well 2020 has ended with a bang, or rather a damp squib; Brexit is done, bar the details, and the pandemic is galloping away after a slight hiatus towards the end of Novembers lockdown.

The highlight of our year was on 12th September when Mary and I celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary. It wasn’t the big get together and holiday we had planned but we both quietly renewed our vows to each other in the privacy of our own home.

With the potential saving light of the Corvid vaccines being administered, I am optimistic that 2021 will see us, once again, getting out and around.

I know it is hard for some but keep making each other laugh – it doesn’t matter how you do it but you’d be surprised how much good a big belly laugh does for you and those around you.

Take care out there folks – and have a great 2021

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