Success and Failure

Continuing my culinary experiment, I decided to have a go at baking with an attempt at French Bread and Cinnamon Rolls.

The French Bread was a bit of a failure, because I didn’t have the patience to wait for the dough to rise properly; I used the time specified by the recipe but, in hindsight, it hadn’t doubled in size. It looked nice and, for the most part, tasted good, but the centre was a bit heavy and damp. Still, it went well with the mushroom soup I made for lunch.

The boss started the Cinnamon Roll dough but got side-tracked and asked me to finish it. This time I made sure I left the dough long enough, in fact left it overnight as it was getting late. The following morning I took great pleasure in thumping it down and kneading it before rolling it out. I’ve always liked the smell of cinnamon; it kind of reminds me of Christmas; and the kitchen really did have that atmosphere as I spread the mixture over the rolled out dough. I’ll call this one a success as they all disappeared rather rapidly when they came out of the oven. Even my Son, who isn’t too keen on sweet food, loved them.

This Saturday’s dinner is going Indian; I’m going to try my hand at Salmon on Saag Aloo. (Saag: Leafy green vegetables found in the Indian subcontinent or, in the UK, Spinach; Aloo: Bombay Potato) The salmon will be glazed with tikka masala paste. 

Stay safe folks.

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