How to Blow Your Taste Buds

In my last Cooking post I mentioned that I would be going Indian and attempting Salmon with Saag Aloo. I have to report that the salmon, glazed with tikka masala paste went down a treat. Not so much with the saag aloo.

The recipe called for a teaspoon of chilli flakes in the aloo spicing – guess who didn’t read the label properly and missed the big red ‘HOTConfused smileSteaming madSteaming mad on the bottle. I did taste during cooking, but must not have picked up any chilli because my first mouthful nearly blew the roof of my mouth off. Fortunately I had made some mint raita which, along with a bit of mango chutney, managed to cool it down to an edible level for me.

After that the Boss decided I would be cooking again on Sunday to make up for it; this time it was Salmon in a Breadcrumb crust with Dauphinoise potatoes, one of Mary’s favourites. Now I have never liked dauphinoise; not because I don’t like the taste, but because the look of them always put me off, so I had never tried them. Well I’ve changed my mind – they were very tasty, and that’s not just me saying that; Mary had a second helping.

Trouble is I’m getting carried away with this; I did a breadcrumb encrusted turkey stake with deep fried new potatoes and a creamy mushroom source last night; and this Saturday’s dinner is going Mediterranean with cod fillet, Mediterranean roast vegetables and a tomato relish. Time to get the sun lamp out. Now what was my Amazon account Open-mouthed smile

Stay safe out there folks – better still stay at home and do some cooking

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