COVID–19 Vaccination

To all of those anti vaccination and conspiracy people out there:

You have the right, in all countries that believe in free speech, to believe in anything you want no matter how stupid you look to the rest of us. (Yes, under those same rules of free speech I have the right to call you stupid)

I’ve had my first jab and the only side effect was a slight tenderness in my arm for a few hours. Yes, some people, including my wife, get other side effects, but nowhere near the severity as those (2,409,381 as of today) that have been infected with the virus and died.

The difference between my belief that you are stupid, and your belief that the vaccine is harmful, is that my belief can only hurts your feelings; your belief is downright dangerous to those you persuade not to have the vaccine should they become infected, and to all those who they go on to infect.

So by all means believe what you like – just stop trying to prevent the rest of us from being sensible.

Stay safe folks – get the jab when it is offered to you so we can get on with life.

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