A Tale of 9 Eggs

As a general rule we have a cooked breakfast or brunch on either Saturday or Sunday; lately that has been poached eggs on toast.

Last Sunday, at about 10:30, I boiled up the water in my trusty wok (it’s better than a pan) and cracked open the four eggs in to two bowls, as I find it easier to slide them in to the water two at a time. Unfortunately one broke and, as you know running egg yoke does not lend itself to poaching.

Having replace the broken egg and made the toast I slid the eggs in to the boiling water.

I had just gotten to the stage where I needed to plate up when the doorbell rang, which Mary answered to find our oldest daughter delivering a bunch of flowers for Mothers day. The only thing to do was to turn off the hob leaving the eggs to go hard – apparently you really cannot just put them on the plate and start eating whilst talking to your children at the front door according to the Boss (My eldest isn’t part of our bubble so hasn’t been in the house for the last year)

Anyway 20 minutes later I was back at the hob with the water just getting to the boiling point, when our second daughter rang to wish mum a happy mothers day. After 30 minutes or so she asked her mom if I had cooked breakfast for her; needless to say I couldn’t resist calling out that I had been trying to for the last hour.

Anyway, after another half hour or so I started the water boiling again. Once again I was just about to slide the eggs in when our Son turned up with another bunch of flowers, and breakfast become a late lunch.

Just an aside did you know that Fathers Day is nine months before Mothers Day – I always find that amusing Winking smile

Stay Safe folks

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