On Holiday in the Back Garden

21c and Sunny so time to mimic the lunch we like when in Mallorca. The only difference is that we would normally have it in a café in Alcúdia, whilst today, we sat at our decking table and I was cooking a beautiful Tortia de Quesso with fries and salad, accompanied by a glass of wine.

A couple of things I’ve learnt about cooking an omelette:

  • Throw a large pinch of ground pepper in with the (in our case 3) eggs and whisk well with a fork – a whisk tends to make a mess in my hands.
  • Cook on a medium heat and resist the temptation to turn it up when it seems that it isn’t cooking fast enough.
  • Don’t flip the omelette – you’ll end up with it overcooked and dry.
  • When the top is still slightly runny, add the cheese, and any thing else you want, to one half, then fold the other half over the filling.
  • Leave it long enough to melt the cheese – you can flip the whole over at this point if you want.
  • Enjoy the magic

The weather report says tomorrow should be warm and sunny and then it’s back to the normal British weather for the Easter weekend Winking smile

Stay safe out there folks

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