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Cooking is Very Therapeutic

I’ve enjoyed my foray in to cooking over the last few months. I have found it to be a nice change from my day job of software development; very relaxing, except for that hectic part at the end when you … Continue reading

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We Went To Mars With Perseverance

Or at least our names did. Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover – NASA Mars A couple of years back Mary and I signed up to the NASA project to send our names to Mars with the Perseverance Rover. These are the … Continue reading

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COVID–19 Vaccination

To all of those anti vaccination and conspiracy people out there: You have the right, in all countries that believe in free speech, to believe in anything you want no matter how stupid you look to the rest of us. … Continue reading

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Hawaiian Bliss

Well that was a successful weekend’s cooking. As I said in the previous post, Friday’s carbonara was a great success. The boss gave me a gold star for the Mediterranean dinner on Saturday. She has always turned her nose up … Continue reading

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Going Mediterranean–Unfortunately Without the Sun

As I said in my last post, this weeks Saturday dinner will be cod with Mediterranean roast vegetables and a tomato relish. This one is, pretty much, going to be my own concoction, with a few sneak peeks at recipes … Continue reading

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How to Blow Your Taste Buds

In my last Cooking post I mentioned that I would be going Indian and attempting Salmon with Saag Aloo. I have to report that the salmon, glazed with tikka masala paste went down a treat. Not so much with the … Continue reading

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Captain Sir Tom Moore

RIP Sir You gave us cause to smile in difficult times. Thank you

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Success and Failure

Continuing my culinary experiment, I decided to have a go at baking with an attempt at French Bread and Cinnamon Rolls. The French Bread was a bit of a failure, because I didn’t have the patience to wait for the … Continue reading

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A Look at the Numbers

For some morbid reason I have looked at the Corvid-19 numbers every day since the Pandemic was declared and they started showing them for all countries. I watched as China, then Italy, Spain and the United States took their turn, … Continue reading

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Wishing You All a Happy and Prosperous New Year

Well 2020 has ended with a bang, or rather a damp squib; Brexit is done, bar the details, and the pandemic is galloping away after a slight hiatus towards the end of Novembers lockdown. The highlight of our year was … Continue reading

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