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Captain Sir Tom Moore

RIP Sir You gave us cause to smile in difficult times. Thank you

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Success and Failure

Continuing my culinary experiment, I decided to have a go at baking with an attempt at French Bread and Cinnamon Rolls. The French Bread was a bit of a failure, because I didn’t have the patience to wait for the … Continue reading

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A Look at the Numbers

For some morbid reason I have looked at the Corvid-19 numbers every day since the Pandemic was declared and they started showing them for all countries. I watched as China, then Italy, Spain and the United States took their turn, … Continue reading

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Wishing You All a Happy and Prosperous New Year

Well 2020 has ended with a bang, or rather a damp squib; Brexit is done, bar the details, and the pandemic is galloping away after a slight hiatus towards the end of Novembers lockdown. The highlight of our year was … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas Everyone

My better half has cooked me Christmas Dinner for the past 50 years; less a few in the early years where we had Christmas day down my parents house. This year it was decided that I would do the job. … Continue reading

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Another Lockdown Survived

Having gone through the big one earlier in the year, the 4 weeks of this one seemed to fly by; but has it done any good? Other than to slow the pace for a couple of weeks. We went in … Continue reading

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The Way Forward is to go Backwards

It was predictable; there we were nicely pushing down the R rate but still looking at between 500 – 600 new virus cases a day – the government decides to loosen up on the rains and let us mere mortals … Continue reading

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50 Years and Still Going Strong

Or at least she hasn’t killed me yet At 12:30 on Saturday the 12th September 1970, I married Mary, the love of my life; although at the time we had only known each other for 6 months. A couple of … Continue reading

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Common Sense Is Not So Common

I really do not believe the mentality of some people; There was an article in the News (Daily Mirror I think) with a lady saying, along the lines of, ‘I was forced to leave my husband and two children behind … Continue reading

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A Birthday and End Of Shielding

Those in the Governments Shielding category can now play outside – hurrah; the trouble is that the risk should a shielded person contract Corvid-19 hasn’t gone away. All my life I have taken risks; mostly calculated but sometimes just stupid; … Continue reading

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