Vaccination Complete

I had my second jab of the AstraZeneca CORVID-19 vaccine yesterday – no side effects with either. The Boss had her second jab two weeks ago with only minor side effects of a bit of an ache at the insertion site and a bit of nausea the morning after, although that could have been my cooking. Winking smile

The government has decided that we no longer need to follow the Shielding rules from 1st May but we will continue to follow that guidance for the next few weeks, to give my jab time to take full affect before we venture out to the shops.

Just a short one this time – strangely enough I’ve been a bit busy with one thing or another.

Just to say – please remember that vaccinations do not stop you from getting the virus or passing it on; it just makes it, in most cases, less of a drama for you.

Stay safe out there folks

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On Holiday in the Back Garden

21c and Sunny so time to mimic the lunch we like when in Mallorca. The only difference is that we would normally have it in a café in Alcúdia, whilst today, we sat at our decking table and I was cooking a beautiful Tortia de Quesso with fries and salad, accompanied by a glass of wine.

A couple of things I’ve learnt about cooking an omelette:

  • Throw a large pinch of ground pepper in with the (in our case 3) eggs and whisk well with a fork – a whisk tends to make a mess in my hands.
  • Cook on a medium heat and resist the temptation to turn it up when it seems that it isn’t cooking fast enough.
  • Don’t flip the omelette – you’ll end up with it overcooked and dry.
  • When the top is still slightly runny, add the cheese, and any thing else you want, to one half, then fold the other half over the filling.
  • Leave it long enough to melt the cheese – you can flip the whole over at this point if you want.
  • Enjoy the magic

The weather report says tomorrow should be warm and sunny and then it’s back to the normal British weather for the Easter weekend Winking smile

Stay safe out there folks

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One Year On

It has been one year since the first lockdown, and during that time there have been 4,301,925 confirmed cases of CORVID-19 and, sadly, 126,172 deaths attributed to the virus in the UK. In the last few months we have seen a massive effort to vaccinate the adult population with the current published figure (as at 21/03/2021) at 27,997,976 which is 44.9% of the population and over 50% of the adult population. On top of that, 2,281,384 people have had their second jab.

It is unlikely that they read this blog but I add my sincere condolences to the families of those lost, and my heart felt thanks to those who have worked throughout to keep those inflicted as comfortable as possible. All of the nurses, doctors, ambulance and paramedic crews, cleaners and volunteers; all the other front line workers such as care workers, police, fire and rescue; and all the others, such as garbage collection crews and shop workers who have kept us going.

I don’t often get involved in politics, but I will express my disgust at the level of the nurses 1% pay rise, given what they have done for us this last year. MP’s were going to get 3-4% increase this year. Although that was frozen after a public outcry, it seems a completely unfair gap considering the stress nurses have been put through.

On a slightly lighter note, our woes started a year ago last Friday with the cancelation of our flight to the USA. In a sense we were the lucky ones, as we got all our costs refunded and have come out the far side with a smile still on our faces.

Take care out there folks

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A Tale of 9 Eggs

As a general rule we have a cooked breakfast or brunch on either Saturday or Sunday; lately that has been poached eggs on toast.

Last Sunday, at about 10:30, I boiled up the water in my trusty wok (it’s better than a pan) and cracked open the four eggs in to two bowls, as I find it easier to slide them in to the water two at a time. Unfortunately one broke and, as you know running egg yoke does not lend itself to poaching.

Having replace the broken egg and made the toast I slid the eggs in to the boiling water.

I had just gotten to the stage where I needed to plate up when the doorbell rang, which Mary answered to find our oldest daughter delivering a bunch of flowers for Mothers day. The only thing to do was to turn off the hob leaving the eggs to go hard – apparently you really cannot just put them on the plate and start eating whilst talking to your children at the front door according to the Boss (My eldest isn’t part of our bubble so hasn’t been in the house for the last year)

Anyway 20 minutes later I was back at the hob with the water just getting to the boiling point, when our second daughter rang to wish mum a happy mothers day. After 30 minutes or so she asked her mom if I had cooked breakfast for her; needless to say I couldn’t resist calling out that I had been trying to for the last hour.

Anyway, after another half hour or so I started the water boiling again. Once again I was just about to slide the eggs in when our Son turned up with another bunch of flowers, and breakfast become a late lunch.

Just an aside did you know that Fathers Day is nine months before Mothers Day – I always find that amusing Winking smile

Stay Safe folks

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Cooking is Very Therapeutic

I’ve enjoyed my foray in to cooking over the last few months. I have found it to be a nice change from my day job of software development; very relaxing, except for that hectic part at the end when you are trying to get a number of dishes, all with different cooking times, on to the plate at the same time.

To encourage me in my endeavour the Boss brought me a number of cooking books, mostly Asian/Chinese due to my liking of the wok and our liking of that cuisine. I returned the gesture by buying her an electric wok and a new set of cooking utensils. Winking smile The idea was that using two woks would make it easier to get different dishes on the table at the same time.

image     image

Now the purists out there will probably tell you that woks should be used on a gas ring but we don’t have one of them. I can tell you that they work pretty well on our induction hob and the electric one is really good too for a £33 bit of kit – the heat control is very good.

It happens that one of the cookbooks Mary gave me contains a recipe for Nasi Goreng. This is an Indonesian style fried rice dish that I first tasted when I was out in the far east back in the 1960’s and really liked, so I christened the electric wok with it. Nasi Goreng can be a little pale on the eye in it’s basic form and I like a little colour on the plate, so I threw some peas and diced carrot in with the rice and chicken recipe to brighten it up. Boy did that bring back some memories – and it tasted good enough for Mary to clear her plate.

Needless to say this week has been an Asian cuisine experience.

Next week it will be back to a varied diet starting with a couple of Italian style dishes on Saturday.

Stay Safe folks

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We Went To Mars With Perseverance

Or at least our names did.

Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover – NASA Mars

Perseverance's Sky Crane ManeuverA couple of years back Mary and I signed up to the NASA project to send our names to Mars with the Perseverance Rover. These are the Boarding Passes:BoardingPass_MyNameOnMars2020BoardingPass_MyNameOnMars2020_Mary

We watched the landing broadcast on Thursday 18th February and cheered with the NASA team when we heard the announcement that the landing was a success.

Our names are now in one of three chips located in Perseverance’s cross bar shown in this 3D model. You can find at the link to the NASA site above.


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COVID–19 Vaccination

To all of those anti vaccination and conspiracy people out there:

You have the right, in all countries that believe in free speech, to believe in anything you want no matter how stupid you look to the rest of us. (Yes, under those same rules of free speech I have the right to call you stupid)

I’ve had my first jab and the only side effect was a slight tenderness in my arm for a few hours. Yes, some people, including my wife, get other side effects, but nowhere near the severity as those (2,409,381 as of today) that have been infected with the virus and died.

The difference between my belief that you are stupid, and your belief that the vaccine is harmful, is that my belief can only hurts your feelings; your belief is downright dangerous to those you persuade not to have the vaccine should they become infected, and to all those who they go on to infect.

So by all means believe what you like – just stop trying to prevent the rest of us from being sensible.

Stay safe folks – get the jab when it is offered to you so we can get on with life.

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Hawaiian Bliss

Well that was a successful weekend’s cooking.

As I said in the previous post, Friday’s carbonara was a great success.

The boss gave me a gold star for the Mediterranean dinner on Saturday. She has always turned her nose up at the vegetables when I’ve had them whilst in Mallorca; she has never liked courgettes and has never been keen on cooked peppers; but she cleared the plate. I think it was the honey and extra virgin olive oil coating that did the job.

Last night we were going to have mushrooms stuffed with bacon and stilton as a starter. Unfortunately the mushrooms didn’t look that appetising when I started to prepare them, and I didn’t want to take the risk; so we made a change to prawn cocktail. That’s when we found out we had used the last of the 1000 island dressing. You know that tomato relish I spoke about in the last post? turns out that adding mayonnaise to a couple of spoonful’s made a close substitute.

Then came the main course; The Hawaiian Pork. The only changes I made to the ingredients were to use dark soy source (use light if you have it to get that orange look), and we couldn’t get canola oil, so I used groundnut oil to brown off the joint. We can back up the comment at the top of the page; that was a plate licking meal*. The sauce, a little darker than shown in the link picture, was like nectar.

Oh, and I made a loaf of bread, which also turned out well, so I can have left over pork loin and pickle sandwiches for lunch today.

*I can’t be alone in wanting to lick the plate when I’ve had a great tasting meal. I know it is not polite, but to me it is the highest compliment you can pay a chef, if etiquette didn’t get in the way. And yes, I will admit to doing it if the boss isn’t looking; or, alternately, surreptitiously running my finger over the plate to get that last taste if I’m not in one of those places that give you a bread roll. For some reason my kids get annoyed at me because their kids lick the bowl – can’t think why In love

Stay safe folks

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Going Mediterranean–Unfortunately Without the Sun

As I said in my last post, this weeks Saturday dinner will be cod with Mediterranean roast vegetables and a tomato relish. This one is, pretty much, going to be my own concoction, with a few sneak peeks at recipes so, hopefully, it won’t go too far wrong. I made a batch of the relish yesterday and it tasted pretty good even if I do say so myself.

While I was browsing for other ideas I came across a recipe for Spaghetti Alla Carbonara by Gino D’Acampo; so I decided to start the weekend with that for Friday’s dinner. I followed his recipe; just changing the amounts to suit just the two of us and, being British, changing the Pancetta for unsmoked streaky bacon. Gino that was very easy to follow and, despite the ingredient change, it has to be the best carbonara we have ever eaten. Thank You.

On Sunday we are switching over to Hawaii for a slow cooked Hawaiian pork loin in pineapple source on a bed of basmati rice. This will be the first time using a slow cooker for me but it looks too good to not try it.

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How to Blow Your Taste Buds

In my last Cooking post I mentioned that I would be going Indian and attempting Salmon with Saag Aloo. I have to report that the salmon, glazed with tikka masala paste went down a treat. Not so much with the saag aloo.

The recipe called for a teaspoon of chilli flakes in the aloo spicing – guess who didn’t read the label properly and missed the big red ‘HOTConfused smileSteaming madSteaming mad on the bottle. I did taste during cooking, but must not have picked up any chilli because my first mouthful nearly blew the roof of my mouth off. Fortunately I had made some mint raita which, along with a bit of mango chutney, managed to cool it down to an edible level for me.

After that the Boss decided I would be cooking again on Sunday to make up for it; this time it was Salmon in a Breadcrumb crust with Dauphinoise potatoes, one of Mary’s favourites. Now I have never liked dauphinoise; not because I don’t like the taste, but because the look of them always put me off, so I had never tried them. Well I’ve changed my mind – they were very tasty, and that’s not just me saying that; Mary had a second helping.

Trouble is I’m getting carried away with this; I did a breadcrumb encrusted turkey stake with deep fried new potatoes and a creamy mushroom source last night; and this Saturday’s dinner is going Mediterranean with cod fillet, Mediterranean roast vegetables and a tomato relish. Time to get the sun lamp out. Now what was my Amazon account Open-mouthed smile

Stay safe out there folks – better still stay at home and do some cooking

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