I have worked hard for other people all my life and, having been made redundant when the company I was working for closed, I decided to go out and work for myself – at least then when I call the boss an idiot I can’t get fired for it. (Jan 2013) Update: The idiot actually fired me… Actually I had to close the company after a year with no income.

I am a software developer and IT consultant specialising in the Microsoft product suite, in particular SharePoint and Office. I’m now retired but still do the odd bit of work for The Great Benefit Company (pro bono). I’m still based in Northamptonshire, England.

My blog is not intended to be controversal or political – The majority of my entries are based on my own activities, either family or work related, but now and again I read or hear something, such as the UK MP’s expenses issue, that makes me angry enough to comment.

Since most reading this blog will be family members it probably does not matter but to anyone else who happens along and sees something they disagree with, all I can say is – that is your prerogative – enjoy.

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