Time to go back to two wheels

Must be second childhood but I have decided its time I started riding a motor cycle again, or at least for the summer.

I commute 30 miles each way (no public transport unless I want to go the long way around) and the drive can only be described as boring.

I own a Yamaha XS250 but its been off the road for several years and is in dire need of an overhaul, plus 250cc is a bit small for this journey – the bike has a full fairing which is great for weather protection but restricts the top speed to around 65 MPH full throttle and its not a good idea to max out for long periods.

So I started looking around for something a bit bigger – I am a sit up and beg rider so nothing sporty – and settled on a Honda Deauville in black.

Nice lines, 650cc shaft driven, which, IMHO, is much better than chain drive.

I pick it up Saturday 25th and look forward to fresh air (with a whiff of carbon dioxide), the open road (clogged with other traffic) and a nice healthy ride to and from work each day (making sure I have a change of clothes handy for those days when it rains)

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