Going 64bit?

My ‘aging’ P4 2.3ghz started playing up about 6 weeks ago, going on a go slow and 3 blue screen deaths. About a month ago I had to rebuild it but it was still not much better and it went again on Saturday.

Mary got fed up with the noises coming out of the study (aka converted bedroom) as I cursed under my breath and let me buy a new machine, so down to my local computer shop.

Got there at 4:30 and the sign on the door said they close at 4 on a Saturday – we were just turning to go when one of the staff opened the door and explained that, yes they were closed but as he was still there, come on in – that’s what I call service (or he was on commission)

I decided it was time to go 64 bit so I bought their EVO Sempron 64 3000 at £250 and added another 512MB of Ram – it’s a nice machine.

OK thought I – 64bit machine – 64bit OS, so I loaded up Microsoft XP Professional 64bit – smooth install, no hitches.

Now before I hook up to The Internet I want protection so in goes my Norton Internet Security disk – oh no you don’t – it is not supported on the 64bit OS – following a link to Symantec tells me that I can only use the corporate version on a 64bit OS.

I happen to have the corporate addition for the other machines I run, although I would have to up my licence count, so on it goes – but why did I have to?.

Now for the rest of my installs –

Printer driver for my HP5500 – not supported

Microsoft IntelliMouse and keyboard – not supported – it’s a Microsoft OS for Pete’s sake.

Now I understand that it’s a business and you put your development costs into mainstream and the 64bit OS has only just hit the streets but come on – I went through this with Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP and Vista when in Beta but I expect it then.

When you can pick up a 64bit machine at £250 in the UK they are mainstream and should be supported.

So, in the unlikely event that anyone from Microsoft or HP read this – please get up to date; in the mean time it’s back to the 32bit version until you do.

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