What a weekend

Another belated post but better late than never…

I was in hospital for a planned operation on my throat on Friday (19th) nothing much, just removal of a cist. The consultant described it as a minor/medium operation, the medium risk being that both he and the anaesthetist would be down my throat at the same time; and after the op he said it was the biggest cist he had removed from the inside;

Anyway I was a bit weak, but at home, on Saturday; mainly because I spent the night coughing as the site was still bleeding. Mary (the better half) decided to leave me in bed while she went to the shop and while there she collapsed and was out for about 20 minutes; not sure why yet as there are tests to be done but her heart rate was very erratic so she was carted off to hospital.

I was woken by the phone as someone had used her mobile to ‘phone home’; thank you whoever you are; so up I get and promptly had to sit down again as my legs buckled under me; no car, Mary had the keys and I couldn’t find the spares. This was just as well as I would probably have crashed it anyway. No neighbours around so call Georgina, No.1 daughter; then try to walk to the shop; that didn’t happen as I got 20 yards down the road and had to stop as my heart started racing.

Eventually Georgina gets me to the hospital and Mary promptly starts yelling at me and told me to go and lie down – she offered to get up and give me the stretcher. They kept her in overnight but she is home now.

More test to be done on Mary and I have to go for a check up in 6 weeks but so far so good.

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