The Beauties of the UK

As you know, last year, and a fair bit of this year, was cancelled as far as holidays are concerned. Like many people we tend to holiday abroad these days, but we are not comfortable with the situation to do that just yet. Whilst all the restrictions on our life are being removed, the pandemic is still with us and the UK is back in forth place in the Corvid numbers chart. As of today (27/09/2021) 7,664,230 confirmed cases and 136,168 attributed deaths and still rising at ~30,000 a day.

Because of this, and the need to get out of the house for a while, we decided to hire a Motorhome and get out to visit Scotland, the one part of the UK we haven’t been except in passing. The good thing about an RV/Motorhome is that you are isolated in the most part.

I would advise anyone who hasn’t been and who loves the countryside to go to Scotland. the scenery is absolutely stunning.


There is, however one road to be weary of; All of the RV sites from John O’Groats to Thurso were full whilst we were there, so we overnighted some 40 miles south in Dunbeath and did a circuit A9, A99, A836 then back south on the A897.

When you see a road has an ‘A’ classification you can be forgiven for believing that all is well and you will have no trouble taking a motorhome down it – Not the A897. This is a 38 mile long, very narrow road with just about enough room to fit the vehicle on; there are lots of passing places because, as the sign tells you, this is a road used by logging lorries. There are also a number of potholes strategically placed to rattle the crockery and your teeth.

To make maters worse, the last 10 miles or so head East and  my navigation system decided that, as our destination was to the South West, it would be quicker to take a ‘road’ that went directly South. I should have known better! I followed Tom’s (Tom Tom) instructions and turned right on to an unnamed  road about the same size as the A897 only this one didn’t have any passing places and about 500yds in started getting narrower; and bumpier; and, whilst still paved, had grass growing out of the middle. Unfortunately by this time I had traversed a couple of bends and there was nowhere to turn around and I really didn’t fancy reversing back along the track.

It couldn’t get any worse so I said “let’s call it an adventure” and carried on. It got worse when we were going up hill and in to the clouds; I couldn’t see more than 10 yards ahead. If there had been a sheep in the road I would still be eating mutton stew till Christmas. Once again I said “it’s an adventure” and carried on. By the time we re-joined the A9 the boss was threatening to clout me around the head if I mentioned ‘adventure’ again.

I must be a bit of a masochist; I replied “Oh come on; it was an adventure”; no wonder I’m bald on the top of my head Winking smile

All in all – Scotland is a really great place to visit.

Stay safe folks

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