It’s That Time of the Year

The time between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day is a bit strange in our household, particularly this year with the potential of another lockdown. Irrespective of the dithering’s of our Government, we made the decision to stay as safe as we can do whilst the number of daily recorded positives soured in to the 100k + region. Having said that, we did enjoy a fantastic Christmas dinner with our No2 Daughter, her husband and our youngest Granddaughter.

Just to get back to the pandemic for a while: In my last post, back in September, I wrote the line “As of today (27/09/2021) 7,664,230 confirmed cases and 136,168 attributed deaths and still rising at ~30,000 a day”. Well that has been blown away over the last three months. Todays (29/12/2021) figures are 12,338,676 confirmed cases and 148,021 attributed deaths; still in 4th place in the number of infections table. At the current daily rate we will break through 13,000,000 by the New Year. I like to put things in perspective so here goes: The total population of the UK is 62,348,447 (taken from CORVID-19 statistics page) which means that 19.79% of the population have tested positive. This does not take account of those who didn’t develop any symptoms and, therefore, probably not tested. For comparison the three countries above us in that table are :- USA: 53,168,862 (15.93%), India: 34,808,886 (2.49%) and Brazil: 22,250,218 (10.36%); I haven’t looked at the countries below us in the table but it does make you wonder what the hell we are doing wrong in the UK.

Enough Doom and GloomBack to the season to be jolly

WP_20190211_14_11_37_RichTaken at the Christmas Shop in Clearwater, Florida on our last trip before the lockdowns started.

It raises the cheer level a bit.

christmasOops SorryWhoops! Sorry

Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas (or whatever other occasion you celebrate at this time of year) May we all get through this pandemic and enjoy a peaceful 2022.

Happy New Year and stay safe folks.

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