More downsizing

When we decided to move to a smaller house we realised that we would have to get rid of some stuff and, as per previous posts, we did several trips to the tip and charity shops – so we made the move and stored everything we didn’t immediately need in the spare bedroom and garage so we could enjoy the Christmas period and our holiday.

We now realise we should have made twice as many trips to clear out stuff we keep ‘just in case’ or because ‘it has a history’ – yes we started unpacking the rest of our possessions; after a period of moving things to one side of the room and back again because we didn’t know where to store something that has not seen the light of day for 10 years (or more) except for the move, and likely will not see the light of day for another 10 years; it was at this point we both came to the realisation that we did not need it and, Murphy’s Law aside, will not need it ever again so it was time to get rid of it; for it read another 9 boxes of stuff and we still have a long way to go.

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