Another Lockdown Survived

Having gone through the big one earlier in the year, the 4 weeks of this one seemed to fly by; but has it done any good? Other than to slow the pace for a couple of weeks. We went in to the lockdown in tier 1 and came out of it in Tier 2. London went in in tier 3 and came out in tier 2; 2 weeks later they are going back to tier 3.

When the idea of a Christmas ‘break’ came up we were delighted – it meant that we could have our kids around us for a couple of days – then the reality swept back in with the announcement of a viable vaccine and the increase, once again, of the infection rate. The arrival of the vaccine means that we are close to the end (at least figuratively) so, having discussed it over a few tears, we all decided to move the festive season for a few months (which will probably turn out to be more like 6 to 12 months) rather this than having one of the kids devastated because they infected us or their siblings. We will see them all on Christmas day when we get together through the magic of technology.

On to a brighter note I have started to learn to cook. This is something I have always been able to do, but in a survival kind of way; i.e. beans on toast or corn beef hash. Over the last few weeks, apart from knocking up a stir-fry a few times, I have made Saturday night my chef night. On the menu we have had Duck breast with a cherry and orange source,  herb crusted salmon and this lovely filet of venison with fondant potatoes and a reuse of the cherry source.

20201129_183123 20201129_192232 20201129_192323

The boss told me I was cooking Christmas dinner, so on Sunday (13th) I cooked a turkey crown covered with a parsley and garlic butter, roasted new potato’s and beetroot and a cranberry source.

Take care out there folks 

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